MICH Development

Projects: Republic of Iraq - Residential Housing

The Team

MICH Development is a consortium of public and private sector entities working collaboratively to establish conduits for positioning Michigan businesses to seize global construction and development opportunities.

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The initiative targets Michigan’s expertise across the Architecture, Engineering, Construction and material supply spectrum as well as engage Michigan’s academic, economic development and manufacturing institutions to take part in international development opportunities.

The Michigan consortium will bring together the best the state has to offer from academia; private industry (design, engineering, construction, development, supply, etc.); finance; and logistics - all with a focus on positioning Michigan businesses for projects globally.

This group addresses a wide spectrum of needs and opportunities, including:

  • New markets for Michigan businesses negatively impacted by the economic downturn.
  • A peaceful and productive strategy for addressing unemployment and wider stability issues in a critical part of the world.
  • A structure for expanding export opportunities for Michigan products and services within the Middle East and globally.
  • Utilization of leading edge design, methods and materials to promote sustainability and energy efficiency on a large scale basis.
  • A global stage for promoting and showcasing Michigan’s deep and diverse talent pool
  • The financing intricacies of large-scale export and investment opportunities in challenging and emerging markets abroad.

By harnessing and leveraging Michigan-based talent and expertise, MICH Development is continually pursuing international development projects and opportunities in countries throughout the globe, but particularly in Eurasia and North Africa.

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