Lear Corporation Campus Master Plan

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As a company that develops and exercises environmentally friendly manufacturing practices, rehabilitating a storied 52-acre brownfield site for its future headquarters building was a must.

The master plan and site redevelopment efforts resulted in the creation of an expansive green inner-core capable of supporting a large amount of office space. Once dotted by tool, die, wood and machine shops that routinely dumped chemicals including asbestos, PCB’s, petroleum’s, and heavy metals into the ground adjacent to their plants, the site grounds needed to be remedied of the hazardous soils. With the brownfield cleansed of toxic elements, the construction of the headquarters building and the beautification process began. An array of indigenous foliage and over 470 trees were planted, contributing to the greening of the site, and the grounds were returned to the environmentally safe, pristine setting of years past. The result of this bold, fresh project is an expressive, contemporary facility creating a world-class office environment where business professionals come together to share knowledge and produce high quality work while maintaining Lear’s position as a steward of the environment.

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