Ferris State University Granger Center

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Designed based on sustainable principles, this facility gives students hands on, real word experiences with the construction materials and engineered building systems that bring a building to life.

Housing one of only two baccalaureate programs of its kind in the country, the Granger Center transforms students from the University’s Construction Technology Management and Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration programs into construction professionals of the future.

Functional considerations, orientation and the balanced introduction of natural light guided the overall design concept. Organized around a large open central gathering space, the building houses a student commons, auditorium, classroom, laboratories and administrative spaces. With exposed structural steel frame, mechanical and electrical systems, and building materials, the facility serves as a living textbook, providing students with hands on demonstrations. Adaptive reuse of an existing building, a ground-source heat pump system, glazing and roofing systems that minimize solar exposure and introduce natural light, and full commissioning to optimize the building’s performance round off some of the sustainable design features incorporated into the facility.

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