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Designed to offer convenient cancer care close to where patients live, modern geometry and sustainable materials come together to create a soothing atmosphere for patients and their families.

As a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center formed a partnership with Crittenton Hospital Medical Center to create a community-based outpatient cancer center. Driven by patients’ needs and comfort, this state-of-the-art facility offers visitors a welcoming healing environment, encompassing advanced radiation therapy, innovative chemotherapy and diagnostic imagining. Glass and stone dominate the façade, and carry into the interior as the natural stone continues throughout the public and patient waiting areas. Patients and families are greeted by an open and inviting lobby featuring a natural stone fireplace, comfortable seating and an art glass sculpture that depicts a patient’s journey through the cancer process. Within the infusion area, where patients receive chemotherapy treatment, large bay windows capitalize on tranquil views of a year-round healing garden that fosters peace and serves as a visual distraction during treatment.

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