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Operating a facility no longer able to service the growing community and its aging patient population, Kishwaukee Community Hospital decided to rebuild.

Guiding principles developed for the two-story replacement hospital involved the creation of an environment designed to enhance the quality of patient care, safety and comfort. Creating a sense of welcome and peace, the healing environment is evident in the cherry wood accents, natural colors and light, artwork and design features that make the building inviting rather than institutional. Focal points of the campus include a three-story glass atrium and glass enclosed dining area that provides spectacular views of the healing garden and allows natural daylight to flood the lower level of the hospital. An extension of the hospital’s healing environment, a spire extends over the building’s front entrance, serving as a symbol of strength and hope. To provide a higher quality of care, various amenities assure efficiencies in operations and practice, including private patient rooms equipped with handwashing sinks and regulated temperature and humidity controls to individually suit each patient.

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