Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein Vicky & Joseph Safra Pavilion

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Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein’s (HIAE) physicians and administrative leaders looked to the top U.S. hospitals as the ultimate global standard. As the leaders of HIAE planned for expansion, they required a major new outpatient and physicians’ office building. However, HIAE, embracing the Planetree principles for patient-centered care, realized that a departure from the standard Brazilian practice of incorporating outpatient services within a centralized hospital facility was essential to meeting their goals. Faced with challenges posed by the existing campus and initiatives set forth as part of HIAE’s master plan, Kahn’s design blended styles of the campus’ existing traditional and modern buildings.

The Vicky & Joseph Safra Pavilion, a sustainable outpatient services facility, houses a state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery center, medical offices, comprehensive outpatient diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. A broad public plaza beckons to visitors at the entrance level, and far overhead, rooftop gardens offer respite to patients and their families. This facility has achieved LEED Gold certification, making it the first health care project in Brazil to obtain this prestigious designation and presently, the largest LEED Gold health care facility in the world.

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