Childcare and Wellness Center

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The health and wellness needs of employees are addressed in this new on-site facility, where relationships with co-workers can be established and quality childcare can be had.

Located within the Kahn-designed Mercedes-Benz M-Class assembly plant complex, the facility consists of two primary areas: a childcare center, and a two-story wellness center. The gentle sweeping arc of the childcare center consists of eight classrooms accommodating approximately 150 children from infants through pre-school age, as well as administration and support areas. The rectilinear sliding geometries of the two-story, wellness center include a gymnasium, an exercise area, locker rooms with steam rooms and saunas, a multi-purpose room, café, and occupational therapy, physical therapy and exam rooms.

Developed to provide a safe and productive environment that addresses the needs of employees’ families, the center provides employees with a “favorite gathering place” before and after work as a convenient and affordable option for families with young children. The facility is symbolic of the value that MBUSI holds for the health and wellness of its employees as well as its commitment to helping ensure the safety and growth development of employee families.

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