Rail Car Manufacturing Facility

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This manufacturing facility is a shining example of how people and process come together to make big strides in railcar production while barely leaving a footprint on the environment.

With all manufacturing and administrative functions housed under one roof, both workers and management come together in a high performance, collaborative industrial environment. This nearly mile long building not only creates an aesthetic and operational bridge among functions, it also meets the specific process and operational requirements of the unique manufacturing process of railcars. The facility incorporates numerous sustainable design features, such as the use of curtain wall, clerestory and roof monitor glass. Energy efficient glass combined with a mechanically assisted natural ventilation system significantly reduces energy consumption and provides workers with access to daylight. Other key features involve harvesting rain water from roof and hard surface areas for use in site irrigation; reduction weld process fumes through advanced fume hood ventilation technology; and utilizing indigenous, drought-tolerant plant materials. With LEED Silver certification serving as the goal for this project, this facility flexibly embraces and balances the needs of workers, the natural landscape, and the surrounding community.

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