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Sleek. Contemporary. Humble. This was the look and feel O-I wanted for its new facility. Kahn listened and responded. O-I’s decision to relocate its headquarters and build anew was, in part, in response to a cultural transformation taking place within the company. Kahn’s design solution helped to redefine the character, quality and image of the global headquarters, while incorporating O-I’s goals, values, culture, technology, innovation and competitiveness.

From choosing the most appropriate location for the building on the site, to selection of color palettes, materials and finishes, each design decision placed an emphasis on both sustainability and creation of a relaxing and communal atmosphere. With a passion for sustainability, designers sited the building within a hillside, providing a unique ice storage system to help minimize energy consumption for the facility. A myriad of other functional and aesthetic building design elements awarded this project with LEED Silver certification. Inside, flexible floor plans, open work environments, café-style breakout areas and key design elements such as a monumental central staircase illuminated by skylights serve to break down hierarchy barriers and promote teamwork, collaboration and camaraderie.

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