Whether you know it or not, you've seen it. The perfect ratio is revealed in the form of a golden rectangle and is utilized in many artistic and architectural works. From the Parthenon to the UN Headquarters in New York, to Albert Kahn's own design of The University of Michigan's Clements Library in Ann Arbor, the perfect ratio's dimensions are used. Our Kahn logo is designed within the dimensions of the perfect ratio.

The perfect ratio is also evident in many natural objects, including the human body and it has special meaning in all that we do. At Kahn we strive to achieve that ideal relationship between our team members, clients, vendors and associates. We seek to provide a wide range of services that compliment our other core competencies. We actively recruit the best and brightest talent to work side-by-side with Kahn veterans. We understand the current trends but respect time-honored practices and traditions. You could say that this cross-section and balance of expertise, skills, interests and industries provide a perfect ratio of sorts.

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