While Albert Kahn's contributions shaped the U.S. industry in the early part of the 20th Century, Albert Kahn has had an international presence as well. From its impact on the Soviet Union's industrialization during the Great Depression to today's presence in...

Detroit, Michigan

Founded in 1895, Albert Kahn's greatest impact can be found throughout the Midwest and specifically around the company's headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Kahn revolutionized industrial architecture with the development of Ford's Rouge Plant. Today, the innovative legacy of the firm's founder is carried out in diverse markets and on a global scale.

São Paulo, Brasil

São Paulo, Brasil is presently the world's third largest city and also the largest city in South America. With opportunities for growth and development in the industrial, health care and corporate markets in the region continuing to rise, having a local presence just makes good business sense. A thriving part of Albert Kahn since 1998, Kahn do Brasil Ltda. bolsters our ability to provide an array of design, consulting and business planning services to clients in South America and beyond.

Detroit, Michigan São Paulo, Brasil