Albert Kahn is a diversified group of great people. We speak different languages and come from various countries. We have diverse backgrounds in architecture, engineering, planning, interior and landscape design and management. Some of us have worked here for over 30 years while others are just getting settled in.

We are mothers, daughters, fathers and sons. We are grandmothers and grandfathers as well as grandchildren and great grandchildren. A number of us have worked on projects that have won awards and international recognition thanks to the combined efforts of everyone at Kahn.

Our Board of Directors and Strategic Board provide the structure and guidance necessary to carry on the Kahn legacy. Throughout its history, Kahn has been in the capable hands of some of the industry’s best leaders and innovators and we’re confident tomorrow’s leadership could be starting today.

Problem Solver

Both of John Enkemann's grandfathers were accomplished carpenters, and John exhibited an early and obvious talent as a draftsman. If he had known as an eight year old what an architect was, he might naturally have assumed that that's what he'd become. But what might not have been as obvious to him was that such a life could be so rewarding - and so much fun.

Yet that's precisely what John says he discovered, especially after he joined Kahn in 1978 as a member of its Electrical Department. With his sights set firmly on the Architectural Department, he was thrilled to have a foot in the door, and figured he'd work his way up. But beyond any display of acumen, it was the relationships he developed - first with the other electrical draftsmen, then with the mechanical engineers - that smoothed his way, and that ultimately enabled him to develop more integrated designs once he made his way over to the Architectural Department.

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